Fork & Knife • 401 E. 17th Street A-2, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 • tel: (949) 877-0330


It is an emotion filled day for us. We have thoroughly enjoyed our Fork & Knife adventure here in Costa Mesa. It allowed Jon to continue to cook during an unimaginable time. So many people played a role in making this a success for us! From the team we opened the doors with, the team we have now, people handling our backend details, people promoting our new concept, our neighbors in our space, and our valued customers; you have all left an imprint on our heart and will forever be cherished.

While we have heavy hearts for some goodbyes, we are ready for the opportunities that lie ahead and grateful for the story we have had this far.

For those who do want to keep an eye on Chef, and see what he’s up to, please follow either of us. (I tend to update more)

Always love from our 🍴fam
To yours 🤍
#forkingdelicious out ✌🏼